November 9, 2017

You've Heard "Kars4Kids" Mentioned During Red Sox Games. What Is It?

If you listen to radio broadcasts of Red Sox games, you have likely heard about Kars4Kids. Listeners are encouraged to make a cash donation or donate their used car to help "kids in need".

Have you ever wondered who are these kids - and how are used cars helping them?

My partner Laura Kaminker did. What she discovered is here.


laura k said...

Hey, thanks!

GK said...

One of most annoying jingly-ads on radio. I often change station when I hear.
Deceptive adverstising at best and outright fraud on the public at worst.

FenFan said...

As much as I disliked the ad before, I'm even less impressed knowing the actual "cause" is a joke; to GK's point, it's outright fraud. Nice work as usual, Laura!