December 2, 2017

Yankees Name Aaron Boone As New Manager

Here is a list of the coaching and managing jobs that Aaron Boone has held in the time between the end of his playing career in 2009 and being named yesterday as the Yankees' new manager:

Well, at least there is nothing overtly embarrassing on that list. One really has to wonder if Boone would have even been a longshot candidate for the job if he had not hit a fairly famous home run 14 years ago. I like this decision. Keep up the good work, Cashman.


FenFan said...

I suppose with my exoerience, I should have applied for the MFY manager's position. 😃

Unknown said...

I wonder if the Yanks will let "Boonie" wear his scarf in the dugout.

Zenslinger said...

This is baffling.