February 24, 2018

The Red Sox Are Playing Baseball!

The Red Sox began their spring schedule on Thursday, beating both Northeastern (15-2) and Boston College (4-2) in a couple of seven-inning affairs. Yesterday, Boston played a full nine innings and defeated the Twins 4-3.

The Red Sox's lineup was extremely top-heavy, with Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, and Hanley Ramirez in the 1-3 spots. They went a combined 0-for-6. We're doomed! ... Jeremy Barfield doubled in two runs. Actually, three of the Red Sox's five hits were doubles. Hector Velazquez and Eduardo Rodriguez each pitched two innings and allowed one hit apiece.

Today's game against the Rays has Jackie Bradley, Andrew Benintendi, and Rafael Devers at the top of the order. And they kicked off the bottom of the first with: single, single, double. We're not doomed!

J.D. Martinez arrived in Fort Myers for his physical on Wednesday morning. And nothing has been announced since that time. We're doomed! ... You can be sure that some media people are saying this is the worst thing ever, but manager Alex Cora remarked, "We're still working and getting ready. ... I'm not concerned."

There is a positive headline on Steve Buckley's column in today's Herald: So Far, Alex Cora Looks Like A Good Fit With Red Sox:
While it's hard to form an opinion on Cora's ability to make key in-game decisions based on a couple of spring training games and the daily grunting and groaning of batting practice, rundown drills and pitcher' [sic] fielding practice, there's a calmness about the guy his players are going to find refreshing.
Please do not tell me it's his eyes.


FenFan said...

Remember how great Pablo Sandoval played last spring? Yeah, well how did that turn out for us?

Spring training is almost meaningless these days, with the majority of players coming to camp already in shape and ready to play. At least 80% of the roster is set at this point, and the final few spots will likely depend more on who we are playing and who has options left on their contract.

But hey! It's nice to at least know that baseball will soon return (along with some warmer weather)...

allan said...

Attention Dave O'Brien:
15 spring training games were played on Friday, February 23.
Which team finished with the most hits?
Winning Team: 6
Losing Team: 6
Teams Had Same Number Of Hits: 3