April 26, 2020

NESN Will Show All 2004 Postseason Wins, Starting Tomorrow Night

NESN will broadcast all 11 of the 2004 Red Sox's postseason victories, starting tomorrow night.

All games will begin at 8:30 PM ET.

The ALDS sweep of the Angels can be seen on Monday-Wednesday, April 27-29.

The still-hard-to-believe-it-actually-happened ALCS comeback from 0-3 to kill off the Yankees begins with Game 4 on Thursday, April 30. Games 5 and 6 follow on May 1 and 2.

There will be a quick detour on May 3 back in time to 1986 ALCS Game 5, in which Dave Henderson rescues the Red Sox from elimination with a ninth-inning dong and an eleventh-inning sac fly. That game begins at 7:00 PM ET.

Then it's back to 2004 on May 4, as Johnny Damon jabs two daggers into the MFY's hearts in ALCS Game 7. The World Series sweep of the Cardinals will likely air May 5-8, but those dates have not been confirmed.

NESN Being NESN, of course, there are three bonehead errors in the announcement.

ALDS Game 3 was not played "at Angels", because David Ortiz won the series on an opposite-field, extra-inning, walk-off home run. (As Dennis Eckersley can attest, walk-off hits can only occur in the winning team's home park.)

Likewise, ALCS Games 4 and 5 were played "at Red Sox", because, again - and these have become fairly well-known events - Ortiz clinched both victories with extra-inning, walk-off hits. (Three consecutive postseason home games, played over a 10-day period, the last two facing elimination, and Ortiz won all three games with extra-inning walk-off hits: two home runs and a single. A stunning, mind-bending achievement.)

Note to NESN: Copy-and-paste is not always your friend.

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