September 30, 2020

Stop The Presses! MLB Did Something Right! (Well, They Stopped Doing Something Wrong)

Checking in on today's games, I see the Reds and Atlanta are scoreless in the eleventh inning*. Rows of zeroes are fun!

*: This is the first postseason game to go 0-0 through eleven innings! Four previous games were scoreless through 10 innings before ending in the eleventh. The most recent was ALDS Game 6 in 1997 (Cleveland 1, Baltimore 0 (11)).

I also see that the idiotic free-runner-on-second-in-extra-innings is NOT being used in the postseason.


Can it be that MLB realizes bullshit gimmicks have no place in important games?

Anything's possible, I suppose.

Now if Manfred et al. can figure out that regular season games are also important – hell, baseball is important, as is a proper respect for its history – we might be making some real progress.

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