January 22, 2021

Numerous Baseball Writers Are Surprised Curt Schilling (A Not-Reticent MAGA Moron) Supported The Deadly Seditious Insurrection Incited By Trump

"Numerous" members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America are apparently surprised that former major league pitcher Curt Schilling, whose name appears on the most recent Hall of Fame ballot, supported the seditious insurrection at the Capitol two weeks ago that resulted in five deaths.
(However, HOF officials are not particularly concerned about BBWAA members who deny players HOF votes because of their own racism. See, Dick Allen (never received more than 19% in 14 years) and Garry Sheffield (received less than 14% in first five years of eligibility).)

On the evening of January 6, Schilling posted his support of the domestic terrorist attack that targeted the Vice President, Speaker of the House, and other lawmakers for assassination. That is not surprising for many reasons, one of which is Schilling has previously posted pictures in support of murdering journalists. This time, Curt also threw in some casual racism, at no charge.

Did you know the people participating in the attack, the ones wearing red MAGA hats and waiving Trump 2020 signs, were not, REPEAT, not Conservative Americans? That's what Curt Schilling believes. (Every video with AUDIO proves it! Every single one!!1!!!)

How could these voters not be aware of Schilling's mindset? He has never shied away from expressing himself, butting his ignorant head into conversations both relevant and not for the sole reason of proclaiming, loudly and at length, WHAT. HE. THINKS., as if people could possibly still give a shit (if they ever did).

Schilling has proudly supported Donald Trump for numerous years, so of course he supported Trump's anti-American assault on democracy! Schilling does nothing to hide his reactionary, xenophobic, transphobic, jigonistic, Islamophobic views. He also collects Nazi memorabilia (and has defended it*) contributes to Breitbart.

[*:  "I have never done anything to offend anyone. I don't have a racist bone in my body. . . . I can't help what people get offended by."]

Schilling was fired a cushy ESPN broadcasting gig because of his odious and offensive statements. 

Schilling claims to support the US military, but he worships a guy who treats veterans like garbage, calls them "losers" for getting killed in battle, and doesn't care that Vladimir Putin pays bounties for their dead bodies.

Schilling claims to be a Christian, but he loves the sadistic man who tears apart families and puts children as young as four months in cages (the parents of 545 children still cannot be found), tries to completely abolish healthcare, removes the possibility of food assistance for millions of poor people during a pandemic, takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich, lies as regularly as he breathes, and allows a pandemic to ravage the nation, killing close to 500,000 in only one year and putting almost 50 million people out of work and then offering them next-to-nothing in help. (During his playing career, Schilling acted as though Matthew 6:1-6 was not part of the real Bible.)

Schilling is also a colossal hypocrite, preaching about the importance of using your boot straps, but he's not above pocketing millions in corporate welfare before promptly running his business into the ground (another trait he shares with Trump) and leaving Rhode Island taxpayers with a bill of roughly $30 million.

When a recording surfaced of Trump telling a 10-year-old girl he would be dating her in a few years (Trump also asked an acquaintance of Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen: "Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own [13-year-old] daughter than your wife?"), Schilling defended him, saying, among other sentiments: "I've seen my daughter's friends. I'm a man".

None of this should be a secret to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention. Each writer casting a Hall of Fame ballot will give the "character" clause whatever weight she feel it should have, but Curt Schilling is the exact same horrible, hateful human being now as he was on January 5. 

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