February 25, 2021

Germán Apologizes To Teammates, Who Say He Is Skating On "Thin Ice"

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán made his first public appearance since being suspended under MLB's domestic violence policy with an apology via Zoom. To the Steinbrenner family. To his teammates. To the Yankees front office. And finally to "those around me who love me".

Germán neglected to specifically apologize to his girlfriend, Mara Vega, whom he assaulted at two different locations on the night in question, in September 2019. Presumably, Germán he has done that privately, as he mentioned they have "talked about it a lot, many, many, many times" and "promised to each other not to go through something like this ever again".

Luke Voit said Germán "messed up. A lot of guys look at him differently now, but I believe in second chances, and the guy deserves a second chance. . . . [B]ut he's skating on thin ice and he needs to get his life together. . . . He needs to grow up and be a man." Last week Zach Britton said: "Sometimes you don't get to control who your teammates are."

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