May 26, 2021

Injury Of The Month

Zach Plesac is on the injured list with a non-displaced fracture of his right thumb.

Cleveland manager Terry Francona said yesterday that his pitcher was injured while "probably rather aggressively ripping off his shirt" and catching his thumb on a chair in the locker room. ("Probably"?)
Some other uncommon injuries to baseball players are here and here, including:

Sammy Sosa of the Cubs sprained a ligament in his lower back after sneezing too hard. (2004)

Clint Barmes of the Rockies fell and broke his collarbone while carrying a package of deer meat (from teammate Todd Helton). (2005)

Tigers catcher Brandon Inge pulled an oblique muscle while adjusting a pillow for his three-year-old son. (2008)

After hitting a walk-off grand slam for the Angels, Kendrys Morales jumped in the middle of his teammates' celebration at home plate . . . and broke his left leg. (2010)

Rickey Henderson suffered frostbite on his left foot when he fell asleep on an ice pack. (1993)

Baltimore's Marty Cordova dozed off in a tanning bed and sunburned his face. (2002)

Then-minor league pitcher Steve Sparks attempted to rip a telephone book in half . . . and dislocated his left shoulder. (1994)

Not baseball, but . . . in 2012, Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Penner suffered back spasms while eating pancakes. (He missed only one game, though.)


Unknown said...

We should not forget Glennallen Hill's 1990 trip to the DL.
"Hill landed himself on the disabled list because he woke from a nightmare about spiders chasing him, and in a frightened semiconscious state, he fell through a glass table and suffered scrapes and bruises on his feet, knees and elbows."
(per Ian Hunter's story in his BlueJayHunter blog)

wallythe24 said...

To add to your amusing list , some years ago English goalkeeper Dave Beasant severed a tendon in his big toe by dropping a bottle of salad cream on it.

Shawn K said...

I vaguely remember Wade Boggs tweaking his back while taking off his cowboy boots.

Dr. Jeff said...

What about Bob "The Gardener" Ojeda?

New York Mets left-hander Bob Ojeda underwent successful surgery Wednesday after he nearly severed the upper third of his left index finger with an electric hedge clipper in a gardening accident at his Long Island home.

PK said...

I’m late to this one but I remember a lot of weird ones in 2010 including Chris Coghlan tearing a meniscus trying to pie a teammate in the face.

Some of these I just don’t believe at all.