December 1, 2021

MLB Locks Out Players; First Work Stoppage In 26 Years

A potentially long winter began just after midnight on Thursday, as Major League Baseball locked out its players, a move the Players Association called "drastic and unnecessary".

The lockout is baseball's first work stoppage since the 1994-95 strike. MLB and the Players Association held two meetings on Wednesday. The second session lasted only seven minutes.

All transactions involving players on 40-man rosters and other union members are not permitted until the next CBA is signed. Before the midnight expiration, however, the Red Sox made a couple additional deals. Jackie Bradley will be returning to Boston, as the Red Sox traded Hunter Renfroe to the Brewers for JBJ and two prospects. Boston also signed pitcher Rich Hill.

Besides the economic issues being discussed, the union proposed two ideas for an expanded postseason. One would involve realignment: two divisions (of eight and seven teams, respectively) in each league.  (The realignment is interesting.)

Commissioner Rob Manfred released some bullshit statement. I did not read it. If you want to, it's here. There are many things that could improve major league baseball. Manfred's resignation is at the top of that list.


allan said...

Shorter Manfred.

GK said...

"The most negative reaction we have is when a player leaves in free agency. Making that available earlier, we don't see that as a positive."

- Rob Manfred