July 19, 2022

Dogs On the Pitch

Two truisms:
There are few things as wonderful watching a dog run around and be happy.
You cannot catch a dog unless she wants to be caught. 
I saw the first clip on Twitter and then, of course, ended up watching many more dogs-on-the-field videos.

2022, Chile versus Venezuela at La Granja in Spain:

2014, Club Atlético Belgrano versus Quilmes Atlético Club, in Argentinia:

2017, San Lorenzo de Amalgro versus Arsenal de Sarandí, Argentina:

2018, Gori, Georgia:


2020, Turkish professional football club, Karagümrü, Istanbul



2021, Bosnian Premier League

2014, St. John's versus Central Connecticut State

The best (and longest) clip in this compilation is #6

They think they are so smart, luring the dog off the field by waiving a big red bag like a toy. It's working, it's working . . . until they get close to the gate off the field . . . and the dog stops dead in his tracks. Ears down, looks over the situation . . .  and turns around and runs off again! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!


laura k said...

This was very enjoyable. Lovely shiny black dogs, too. :)

k r c said...

Yes, that was awesome.

wallythe24 said...

Another one to watch is during Brazil v. England at the 1962 World Cup. They are funny as hell. There's cat ones too.