May 6, 2023

A's Announcer Glen Kuiper Says "The N-Word" On Air, Doesn't Correct Himself
He Offered A Weak Apology Six Innings Later & Has Been Suspended

Before Saturday's Athletics-Royals game, Oakland announcer Glen Kuiper talked about a few of the fun things to do in Kansas City. He would end up apologizing for uttering a racial slur and be suspended indefinitely.

In the clip below, Dallas Braden, Kuiper's overly-bearded booth partner, didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, apparently. Kuiper, who turns 60 later this month, made no attempt to correct himself.
It was not until the SIXTH inning that Kuiper's comment was addressed, albeit obliquely.
Welcome back to Kauffman's – welcome back to Kauffman Stadium. I just wanted to – a little bit earlier in the show I said something – [it] didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to. Umm – and I just wanted to apologize, if – if it – if it sounded different than I meant it to be said. [As I] said, I just wanted to apologize for that.
I would love to hear the thoughts of a linguist concerning the possibility of accidentially mixing up these two words. To my ears, the words begin immediately with disimilar sounds, leading me to think it would be unlikely that someone would stumble and say one instead of the other (perhaps especially so for a baseball announcer, since he or she will say "the Negro Leagues" from time to time).

Kuiper's apology was extremely weak. It wasn't as bad as saying "I'm sorry if anyone was offended", but it also wasn't much better.

First, he failed to offer any information concerning what he was apologizing for, undoubtedly confusing fans who had not seen the pre-game stuff.

Second, if he was truly embarrassed and wanted to make sure the audience knew what a mistake this was, why wouldn't he scribble some notes (at the very least) so he doesn't go wandering through the bramble and say some odd shit.

Third, the word "Negro" "didn't come out quite the way [he] wanted it to". Yeah, it was damn close, but not quite. Again, after saying it in the pre-game, Kuiper made absolutely no attempt to correct himself.

Fourth, he's offering this apology "if [the word] sounded different than" what he meant to say. It sure did! In fact, you said it so clearly, that's why you're giving this lame-ass apology in the first place. No need to qualify it with the "if".

I saw this comment on Kuiper's apology: "I'm sorry if you heard exactly what I said."


accudart said...

Just fucking crazy...

FenFan said...

Ouch! The N----r League Museum? What was going through his head?! I don't believe he deserves to be fired, but that is more than just a simple slip.

I will add that the NEGRO Leagues Baseball Museum is on my bucket list of places to visit. They just announced a plan to construct a new museum, although I cannot seem to find when construction will begin or when it should be completed.