March 2, 2024

"Don't Let Us Win Tonight": A Paperback Edition Arrives May 21

A paperback edition of Don't Let Us Win Tonight arrives from Triumph Books in less than three months, on May 21.

I had hoped to expand the narrative, restoring some of the cuts we were forced to make back in 2013 to get the word count down, but that was always a long shot. In almost every instance, the cuts were made to shorten existing quotes as opposed to deleting them entirely. Back in November 2014, I shared an example of this pruning, posting the longer version of Curt Schilling's recollection of the Thanksgiving 2003 meeting with Theo Epstein, et al.

In addition to revised covers, this "20th anniversary" edition includes personal memories of 2004 and the seasons that followed from both myself and co-author Bill Nowlin (2,500 words each). Mine begins: "The 2004 Red Sox rewired my brain." We fixed a few typos, added a blurb from the legendary Peter Gammons, and made minor edits to smooth out some rough spots.

This fucking awesome book (now even better!) can be pre-ordered at Triumph, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indigo, or (presumably) from your local book store.


wallythe24 said...

Brilliant. Available on UK Amazon. Pre-order done.

FenFan said...

I have to find my copy that I received when it was released. I cannot emphasize enough what a great read it was!

laura k said...

Hooray for awesome readers. :)

Zenslinger said...

Yes, this book has legs, a new edition is more than appropriate.

SoSock said...

Tried to pre-order the update through Triumph Books. No success?
Should I try one of the other outlets?

allan said...

You could try here.