October 17, 2003

From the Game 7 Game Thread. Because every word is true:

"What a freaking asshile this manager is... he single-handedly just cost the team this freaking game. Unbelieveable... if folks thought that guy in Chicago was going to have to move out of town, just wait until Grady gets back to Boston."

"The pen's been lights out this entire series and Gump forgets to bring them in after the first hit."

"You gotta hand that lead over to the bullpen. You just gotta. Oh my god. We have to win this game. We WILL win this game. Despite Grady. What a goddamn moron. YOU are the manager not Pedro. The only one without a pair on this team is Grady. Win. Just. Win."

"I'm fucking speechless right now. The most unbelievable bonehead managing decision I have ever witnessed. 6,000,000 people across america were screaming to get him outta there."

"Grady, you want to be popular with the players let them make the decisions? Go manage a little league team. That was unexcusable asking Pedro is he wanted to stay in the game after 120 pitches. What is he going to do, say he wants out? I hate Grady Little. I will never forgive him for this, win or lose today's game."

"How the fuck do you let Pedro go out there obviously tired and wait until he surrenders the lead? How? I find that incomprehensible. The bullpen was ready. Timlin has been damn near perfect. How do you do it? How how how how how how how how how how?"

"I still can't believe this. A 5-2 lead in the bottom of the eighth. Your entire pitching staff, minus John Burkett and maybe Bronson Arroyo available. Your guy on the mound unable to hit his spots in the bottom of the seventh. Two guys warm in the pen for the bottom of the eighth. Double. Not even a peep from the dugout. Single. Oh Pedro says he is fine we'll let him stay. Double. Well hey we still have the lead and this is what got us here. Another single. Aww darn, now I have to walk out there again. This is the most embarrasing moment in Sox history since Buckner. And errily similar in managerial bullshit stubbornness and stupidity."

"No, seriously, how the fuck do you leave Pedro out there to lose the lead when your fucking bullpen has been so fucking good in the playoffs and they're ready and he looked tired and sweet evermotherfuckinglovingjesus. How the fuck does one do that? What's the thought process? What the fucking fuck?"

"I'm gonna probably say this a dozen more times. I still can't believe I'm watching a tie game now. I can't believe I'm not watching Scott Williamson come in to get the save with a two or three run lead. I mean, I really can't believe it. Like I can't believe it in the same way you can't believe it when you are the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting. With the guy using an M-60, and a grinning jackass North Carolina smile on his face. Everything is all fuzzy and faded and I'm starting to even lose my anger at the bullshit. Motherfucker. Just do this. Do it Timlin. Do it Nomar. Do it Manny. Just do it somebody in a Red Sox uniform. Let me go to bed with euphoria instead of second guessing regret."

"I feel like I'm in a bad dream. I feel like the Red Sox should still be leading 5-2. I feel like I should be watching Timlin mow down the Yankees, and then watch Williamson blow high heat past them in the ninth. No other scenario seems possible. Grady couldn't have let Pedro continue to pitch. That has to be a nightmare. It's just too ridiculous to believe. This must be some sort of reality t.v. joke. The footage to my television is being controlled and secret cameras are watching me. Right? Right?"

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