October 1, 2003

Red Sox ALDS Roster.

Starters: Martinez, Wakefield, Lowe, Burkett.
Bullpen: Arroyo, Embree, Kim, Timlin, Williamson, Sauerbeck.
Lineup: Varitek, Millar, Walker, Garciaparra, Mueller, Ramirez, Damon, Nixon, Ortiz.
Bench: McCarty, Brown, Kapler, Mirabelli, Jackson, Merloni.

Theo must have had significant input, because I refuse to believe Gump and I see eye-to-eye this closely. This is a great roster. Arroyo deserved a spot, and with him and Burkett, Suppan becomes irrelevant. Nixon's questionable status obviously had a lot to do with the decision to go with only 10 pitchers and take Brown. ... Damn. First, the decision to pitch Wakefield in Oakland, now near-flawless roster decisions. All I have left to complain about is tonight's start time. What a strange feeling. ... Tenative times for the rest of the series: Game 3 Saturday 7:30 p.m., Game 4 Sunday 1 p.m./5 p.m., Game 5 Monday 1 p.m.

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