April 15, 2004

Sunny Day, Sweeping The Clouds Away. Pedro/Ponson go in the one-game series at 7:05 pm. And then ...

Fri 4/16 Wakefield on 7 days rest
Sat 4/17 Schilling on 5 days rest
Sun 4/18 Arroyo on 9 days rest
Mon 4/19 Lowe on 10 days rest

Francona: "[W]e're all in agreement that this is the best way for our ball club to move forward and have success. ... We actually talked about moving (Martinez) back and he was fine with that, too, but with the way we're set up, I think our rotation sets up better if he pitches (tonight)." ... This way, Pedro stays on his normal rest, Schilling sticks very close to his schedule, Wakefield is able to be slipped in between Martinez and Schilling (which Francona wants to do), and Lowe doesn't have to pitch on the carpet in Toronto. ... It sets up Lowe, Arroyo and Martinez for the following weekend in New York.

Trot Nixon's herniated disk is improving. "It's more of a nag. On a scale of one to 10, it's about a 1-1½ right now." Nixon is determined to not rush his return, but he believes he'll be back in Boston in late April or early May. he is taking some batting practice today

Bobby Jones and Brian Daubach were optioned to Pawtucket. Daubach will join Pawtucket in Syracuse tonight and lefty Phil Seibel is expected to be fill Jones's spot in the pen. ... Byung-Hyun Kim will make his first rehab start tonight for Sarasota (A). If all goes well, he'll pitch in Pawtucket on April 23. ... This weekend's series gets some play in Gotham.

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