June 18, 2004

Meeting With Psychiatrist Shrinks Lowe's ERA. In his 100th career start, Derek Lowe threw his second straight outing of 7 shutout innings. He relied heavily on his sinker, throwing only one curve ball in the thin Colorado air. Of his 21 outs, Lowe got 17 on the ground, 3 by strikeout and just one in the air. Lowe has not allowed a run in 14 innings and has gone 18 innings without giving up an earned run. ... Lowe has been meeting regularly with sports psychiatrist Dr. Harvey Dorfman, author of "The Mental Game of Baseball."

Pedro Martinez told Nick Cafardo of the Globe that he regrets making comments (back on April 30) about becoming a free agent. "I said some things that I should never have said. At that point I probably should have just shut my mouth. A lot of people misjudged that, the media fed on that. Some of the comments that were made gave it a different meaning. I'm actually all about winning, and instead of thinking about myself and my future, I should have just not said anything."

Nomar Garciaparra was whining early in the week -- "[A]pparently what I've done over the past eight years obviously means nothing. What counts is the end of last year or the offseason. ... I can't win - 21 ABs (for Pawtucket) but no, 'You're faking it' and 'Cmon, what are you waiting for?' Then I come back, they are still going to say 'See - he sucks. He's not good. ... It's a no-win situation. They should just be glad I'm back." (more here) ... You're right, Nomar, it is a no-win situation. That's why you have to ignore all of the print and radio mediots. ... Pedro is convinced Nomar wants to stay in Boston.

Francona: "[Walking Bonds intentionally with no one on base] goes against the grain of how I feel about putting runners on base. We may do it sometimes, we may not sometimes. ... [H]e is the one guy that sometimes you may change up and do something different. There are also times where you have to get him out." (also here). ... Bonds speaks out: "Boston is too racist for me. I couldn't play there." Wheeee! Let's play ball!

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