June 5, 2004

Pedro's Wrist? That's Just Swell. Pedro Martinez says his right wrist swelled up during and after his most recent start in Anaheim. He claims the problem isn't any big deal, saying he had a similar ailment last year. "I've been getting treatment on it. Maybe it's part of the reason I'm not getting the fastball down. ... when I throw the curve, the ball has felt too light and it is not rotating enough; not enough break, plus it's not going where I want it."

After watching video, Martinez thinks he found a glitch in his mechanics and hopes to work on that during a side session Saturday afternoon. The Herald notes that Pedro "has not thrown off a mound between starts since April." That's interesting, but it's also pretty vague. Did Pedro throw on the side during some of April? If so, when did he stop? I would think the absence of side sessions could be one reason why Pedro's control has not been sharp. ... The Globe reports that the flaw is that his right shoulder is flying open in part because of a faulty leg kick. Martinez's next start is on Tuesday against the Padres at Fenway Park.

Francona is adjusting the rotation so Tim Wakefield does not pitch in Colorado's thin-air. Arroyo, Schilling and Lowe will face the Rockies on June 15-17; Wakefield, Martinez and Arroyo will pitch in San Francisco June 18-20.

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