August 28, 2005

You Can't Blame Harry Frazee For Selling Babe Ruth To The Yankees

That's the title of the show being broadcast on ESPN Classic tomorrow (Monday) night at 9:00 pm. ... It's also a (mostly) true statement.

I was one of the people interviewed for the show, along with Glenn Stout (co-author of Red Sox Century), Max Frazee (Harry's great-grandson) and Harry Frazee III (Max's father, who I thought never talks about his grandfather). Hearing what he has to say should be interesting.

Unfortunately, my cable is being shut off Monday morning prior to The Big Move (very poor timing by ESPN's schedulers, I must say), so I won't get a chance to see it until ESPN sends me a copy.

Feel free to post comments here if you tune in. I should be able to read them on Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks.

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