April 16, 2007

G11: Red Sox 7, Angels 2

Series Score: Red Sox 25, Angels 3

Six runs in the first inning buried the Angels and Josh Beckett (6-6-1-1-5) threw another quality start as Boston improved to 7-4.

After Orlando Cabrera hit a solo homer in the top of the first, Julio Lugo doubled, Kevin Youkilis singled (1-1), David Ortiz doubled, Manny Ramirez singled (3-1), JD Drew reached on a FC/E4 (4-1), and Mike Lowell doubled (5-1). After two were out, Alex Cora doubled (6-1).

Once again, despite the cold weather, Beckett had a great curve and changeup. In the 3rd, after throwing four fastballs to O-Cab, Beckett got him swinging at an outside curve for one of his five strikeouts. Beckett also spotted his fastball on the outside corner very well.

Ortiz homered over the camera platform dead center in the 4th. ... Lugo made three great plays, two on popups in center field with his back to the infield and another on a grounder in the hole.

Hideki Ojakima pitched a perfect 7th, striking out the first two Angels on six pitches. JC Romero allowed a single in the 8th and Kyle Snyder gave up a solo home run to Howie Kendrick in the 9th.

Anyone else see the Foul Ball Pizza Toss in the bottom of the 7th?


New starting time due to "heavy rain and high winds overnight and Monday morning" in Boston: 12:05 PM

Lineup (and stats v Santana):
Lugo, SS      3-for-9
Youkilis, 1B ---
Ortiz, DH 2-for-4
Ramirez, LF 0-for-5
Drew, RF 0-for-2
Lowell, 3B 1-for-1
Varitek, C 0-for-5
Pena, CF ---
Cora, 2B 1-for-1

Ervin Santana / Josh Beckett, 12 PM

Terry Francona's lineup on Sunday had Wily Mo Pena in center field -- his first start of the season -- but the game was washed out. Tito said if the Angels stick with Santana, Pena will be in there Monday.

Toronto beat Detroit 2-1 on Sunday (in 2:08!), but the Sox still hold a .017 lead in the East. Any combination of Red Sox wins or Yankee losses totalling 151 will eliminate New York from the AL East race.


9casey said...

I think I saw they moved this game to 1pm

9casey said...

or maybe not..They ain't playin anyway....It sucks here

allan said...

Globe says 10:00.

Gates open at 8:00!

This was going to be Sunday's lineup:

Julio Lugo, SS
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
J.D. Drew, RF
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jason Varitek, C
Wily Mo Pena, CF
Alex Cora, 2B

Pena may also play against Chacin on Tuesday.

s1c said...

Globe may say 10:00 but espn.com and MLB.com are implying will be much later if played at all. The way it looks outside right now, I say not at all.

Sean O said...

Anyone in Boston right now knows the game's not happening. Holy god is it horrible out.

And, of course, the weather got crappy in the last week I have to drive from Lowell to Boston each day.

At least i'm not running the marathon, oye.

Jim said...

Yeah, is the pizza that bad at Fenway? Didn't take long for Lugo to assert himself as take-charge guy on the infield. Remember Renteria? It's like he wanted no part of the ball. Couldn't help musing about O-Cab, though. Will we ever find out the real reason he's not at short for the Sox? Did the braintrust project some fatal flaw, or did they just like Renteria better? Anyway, let's start reversing last year's 12-7 Blue Jay smackdown tomorrow.

9casey said...

9casey said...
or maybe not..They ain't playin anyway....It sucks here


Did Beckett get hit or hit somebody?

allan said...

Beckett hit Vlad on the right wrist in the top of the first. He came out of the game -- looked VERY painful -- but NESN said no fracture.

For all O-Cab did in 2004, he sucks as a hitter. Suuh-uks.

ER should have been a huge upgrade. Hell, even as bad as he played/hit, he was an upgrade.

allan said...

The way Don was giggling at the guy who threw the pizza and at not being able to remember the name of the NESN show he hosts (Red Sox Report), well, I hope he and Jerry are able to hide their stash when they cross the border.