November 12, 2007

AL Rookie of the Year


                           1st  2nd  3rd  Total
Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox 24 4 — 132
Delmon Young, Devil Rays 3 12 5 56
Brian Bannister, Royals 1 8 7 36
Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox — 2 6 12
Reggie Willits, Angels — 2 5 11
Hideki Okajima, Red Sox — — 3 3
Josh Fields, White Sox — — 1 1
Joakim Soria, Royals — — 1 1

NL RoY is Ryan Braun.
                           1st  2nd  3rd  Total
Ryan Braun, Brewers 17 14 1 128
Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies 15 17 — 126
Hunter Pence, Astros — — 15 15
Chris Young, Diamondbacks — — 10 10
Kyle Kendrick, Phillies — 1 4 7
Yunel Escobar, Atlanta — — 1 1
James Loney, Dodgers — — 1 1

Will be announced at 2 PM.

MLB has a look at the favourites.

If Dustin Pedroia is the winner, he will hold his press conference at Arizona State University, where he played before the Red Sox drafted him in 2004.


takubou said...

I think Matsuzaka will be AL rookie of the year. He is the most interesting baseball player I think.

nixon33 said...

my vote is for FYw/BB

nixon33 said...


OldStuff said...

is he chewing lots of tobacco??

laura k said...

Fuck Yeah! We saw that coming. Hooray for our Dusty.

Lisa Cohen said...

Way to go, Dustin! Whoo hooo. Now onto the Cy Young!

Go Sox.

Colin said...

Fuck Yeah gets the gold! Wow real tight race for the NL though...

Talk about a blessing being on the Sox and all this on your plate for your rookie year.

Rob said...

I had no doubts. On they had 20 of their writers' picks shown on a page a lot like the picks to win each playoff series with the picture of the player underneath. There was a whole lotta Dusty there.

ESPN's ROY picks.

Amy said...

Isn't that why he is called PedROYa?

Jere said...

"Isn't that why he is called PedROYa?"

Yeah, but Dice is called "MatINTERESTINGka," so....

Jere said...

"Pedroia did not have a great season." --Rob Neyer

"Great" can be interpreted in different ways. But if that wasn't great, I can't wait to see what one of his great seasons looks like.

SoSock said...

Pedroia did not have a great season." --Rob Neyer

Jeez, what does we want?
By my math, Peds hit .333 after his slow April start to get to that .317 season number.
333 may not be MVP material but it's phenominal for a rookie 2nd baseman!
And, per BB Ref, he hit .412 or so the last week of the season - that would be the week his team was nailing down the AL East!
I didn't think it was close, and apparently a lot of others agreed.

lucky number 33 said...

I love how in his own press conference, he referred to himself as "five-seven or five-eight or whatever the heck they list me at." Don't ever change, Dusty.

Jere said...

Looks like Posada signed with the Yanks. A million years, a billion bucks. And he's already 36. You'd think a team with that kind of dough would win once in a while.

The Neyer quote: the line after it was "but he had the best year for a rookie," or something. But that doesn't take away from him saying Dustin didn't have a "great" year.

Colin said...

In other news...Youk gives his goatee for the greater good thanks to Gillette. Those crazy Red Sox kids with their music and their hair (or lack thereof in Kevin's case).

Amy said...

Does anyone have a link to Pedroia's press conference?

Colin, it was hard to copy and paste that long URL. Maybe next season you too can learn how to imbed a link. If I can do it, anyone can! :)

allan said...

Does anyone have a link to Pedroia's press conference?


OICF is your place to go for Sox video!

Amy said...

Thanks for the link, Allan. I will have to watch later because the feed here at work was really choppy. Must be all the students downloading movies and music.

allan said...

MLB's main Red Sox page has a possible video link too, if you click on the 2007 ROY square in the main window.

Amy said...

It worked at home. What a cutie he is! And he didn't curse once the whole time...amazing.

(I knew it was those damn college students clogging up the network at school.)