November 25, 2007

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It looks like it was pretty quiet on the Red Sox front.

From the papers:

Mike Lowell seems like a pretty cool guy, even if he refuses to hate the Yankees.


Zenslinger said...

Wonder if the speculation in the Herald about Crisp/Lester or Buchholz/2 lower prospects for Santana is for real -- or any more for real than it was a week ago.

Hunter gets 5/90, Cordero 4/46...damn!

redsock said...

Ococ, Lester and 2 lower prospects for Santana? (Seems kinda low on the Sox's end.)

But if true and assuming Theo can get him to sign an extension, do this deal NOW!!!

ish said...

I've kept saying oCoC and Lester. And some lower prospects. That'd be perfect. Rotoworld has said Peter Gammons has reported that the Twins have asked for Hughes, Melk Dud, and minor leaguer Austin Jackson from the Yankees for Santana.

ish said...

If it's true, Hughes, Cabrera, and Jackson for Santana... The Red Sox could probably match that if they offered Coco and Lester. Coco's a better CF, and Hughes is a better pitcher. Then there are the prospects. One, two... How good. etc. It's interesting. One thing Lester may have over Hughes is that he's a LHP. We'll see what happens, but it sounds like Minnesota's asking price might be okay for any of the teams interested.