September 10, 2012

Now Playing: Bob Mould

From Bob Mould's new album, Silver Age:

And a couple of classics from Hüsker Dü (both 1984):

And one from Sugar's Beaster (1993):


Jere said...

He just played a free show in Brooklyn Friday night. Boston tonight (not free). Here's the rest of the schedule.

allan said...

He's been playing the entire Copper Blue album - I really cannot believe that came out 20 friggin years ago. I wish he'd come to Toronto.

9casey said...

I didnt think it was possible but peteabe threw me off his twitter. Sorry Pete didnt mean to call you out on your bullshit..

laura k said...

I love Sugar, especially Copper Blue.

I'd love to see them live. I'd also love a whole bunch more music that sounds like Copper Blue. Probably not getting either!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I love Bob Mould but he did fall off my radar. I'm glad he's back I will take a listen.