April 1, 2014

Note Re "Don't Let Us Win Tonight"

If you are curious about reviews of "Don't Let Us Win Tonight" or possible author appearances or anything to do with the book, really, you should follow the Twitter feed and Facebook page. While I will certainly post news about the book here, it may not be everything.

On Friday, April 4, my co-author, Bill Nowlin, will be on Chris Russo's "High Heat" (MLB Network). Considering the Mad Dog's epic reaction the day after the Red Sox clinched the 2004 pennant, I'm hoping for at least a little Yankee schadenfreude. High Heat is on at 1 PM; the Red Sox's home opener against the Brewers begins at 2 PM.

Both Bill and I will be at the first BoSox Club luncheon of the season on Tuesday, April 8, at the Dedham Hilton. Check here for ticket availability.


allan said...

Looking forward to seeing three games at Fenway, too: April 7-8-9.

Jere said...

Mad Dog will LOVE talking '04 Yankee Choke with Nowlin.