April 24, 2014

Schadenfreude 176 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:
Michael Pineda may or may not have the physical tools to be a successful major league pitcher. What we know after Wednesday night is that he is likely the dumbest player in the big leagues.

After being caught with pine tar on his pitching hand the last time he faced the Red Sox in The Bronx when the Red Sox knew of it and didn't complain, Pineda figured he could get away with it again at Fenway Park Wednesday night when he applied an illegal substance to his neck before taking the mound for the second inning after giving up two runs in the first. ...

"I would expect if it's used it will be more discreet than the last time," Farrell said before Pineda unbelievably put the pine tar in a more visible spot than his hand.

Anthony McCarron, Daily News:
There’s a new Idiot in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. But this one is from the Bronx. ...

"I know I made a mistake and I feel so sad," Pineda said.

Kevin Davidoff, Post:
There's gamesmanship, there are unwritten rules, and then there's just utter stupidity. The Red Sox showed Wednesday night that they have extreme tolerance for the first two qualities and very little patience for the third. They won't suffer fools gladly.
Joel Sherman, Post:
Hey, Mike, if you are going to cheat be discreet. You dodged this once, please, please don't force your opponent’s hand to act — particularly the same opponent who just happens to be your most bitter rival.

Instead, after his worst inning of the season — a 30-pitch, two-run first in which he threw just four of his trademark sliders — Pineda emerged for the second with a discoloration on the right side of his neck that had all the subtlety of Mike Tyson’s face tattoo. It looked as if the worst makeup artist in the world was drunk and had at him. It was certainly distinct enough to be caught by three networks — YES, NESN and ESPN — televising the game.

Wallace Matthews, ESPNNewYork:
After the game Pineda confirmed the substance was pine tar, saying "It won't happen again."

Pineda said he wanted a better grip on the ball so he wouldn't hit anyone.
Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Michael Pineda needs to get a grip. Not on the baseball, but on himself.

Three starts into his comeback from shoulder surgery, Pineda was shaping up as one of the feel-good stories of the young season. Following Wednesday night's ejection for loading up his neck with pine tar, the 25-year-old now finds himself as one of the game's early-season punchlines.

Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi said all the right things Wednesday after Pineda embarrassed himself and the organization ...

David Schoenfield, ESPN:
In the annals of illustrious moments in pitching history, I'm not exactly sure where Michael Pineda's pine tar on the neck ranks ... but suffice it say it was one of the lamest attempts at cheating you'll ever see.

I mean: Where was Derek Jeter's veteran leadership?


Maxwell Horse said...

He still has the balls to present it as a selfless, altruistic act: He didn't want to hit anyone.

allan said...

He should get some extra days added to his suspension for wearing his cap all askew, like a retarded moron.

Philip said...

jesus, allan.

allan said...

What? He looks like a fool.

Michael said...

Glad to see the NY press piling up on him, as they should. The YES guys were much more lenient last night. I'm just sorry that this incident is overshadowing another fine defensive night from the Cap'n.