June 3, 2014

Ortiz Calls Workman's 6-Game Suspension "Punk-Ass Shit"

Red Sox pitcher Brandon Workman was suspended for six games for throwing a pitch behind Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria last Friday, while David Price - who hit two Boston batters, including one after warnings had been issued, and later admitted the first HBP was intentional - skated by with no punishment.

David Ortiz, who was drilled in his first at-bat on Friday because (according to Price) Price didn't like the way Ortiz jogged around the bases after taking the Rays lefty deep twice during last year's ALDS, called MLB's one-sided decision some "punk-ass shit".

Meanwhile, the whining Rays will continue their pity-party refrain that MLB continues to do the Red Sox's bidding ...

The Red Sox and Rays next meet on July 25 in Tampa Bay.


allan said...

Ortiz: "I didn't start this up. Workman didn't start this up. Price did."

Now MLB apparently wants to meet with Ortiz. Will he be fined for speaking the truth?

Tom DePlonty said...

That's the part I don't understand. None of this stuff happens if Price doesn't hit Ortiz (for a stupid reason) in the first place. Or if the umpires eject Price, at that point. Maybe it doesn't even happen if they had just ejected Price after he hit Carp.

But the umpires do zip, the situation escalates - Workman gets suspended, and nothing happens to Price. That can only end up looking like MLB has it out for the Red Sox. They really want it to look that way?

Benjamin said...

Three games at the end of July -- there's a good chance Price will be traded by then.