June 28, 2014

Red Sox Call Up Mookie Betts

The Red Sox have called up Mookie Betts.

Since being promoted to Pawtucket, Marcus Lynn Betts has reached base in all 23 games, hitting .322/.425/.444. Betts was originally signed as an infielder, and played mostly at second base, but lately has been playing center field (15 games) and right field (2 games).
2013: Greenville (A)  76 games, .296/.418/.477, 33 XBH, 18 SB, 58 BB, 40 K
2013: Salem (High-A)  51 games, .341/.414/.551, 22 XBH, 20 SB, 23 BB, 17 K
2014: Portland (AA)   54 games, .345/.437/.520, 27 XBH, 22 SB, 35 BB, 20 K
2014: Pawtucket (AAA) 23 games, .322/.425/.444,  6 XBH,  7 SB, 16 BB, 13 K
Note the impressive BB:K totals at every level.

WEEI's Alex Speier had a nice column on Betts (who turned 21 last October) yesterday.
I have no idea how I've had the success that I've had. But I'm just trying to develop an approach and sticking to it, learning to believe in myself that I belong out here, with these older guys, and not just bowing down and saying, "OK, you guys are older. Go ahead." I feel like I'm out here and I'm able to play the same way everybody else is. ...

I don't know how that transition [to the big leagues] is. I don't know what being ready for that level is. ... Whenever I get the call. I feel like I'll be ready. ... Getting to the big leagues is hard, but I've talked to guys and they've said it's not getting to the big leagues, it's staying in the big leagues. ... That's the part that I'm excited to see - to see how I can play for a period of time and be able to stay.
Sox Prospects:
Athletic infielder who had committed to play at Tennessee prior to signing. Excelled in four sports in high school. Plus-to-better speed. Ability to impact a game with his legs. Compact, level swing. Fluid load. Quick hands, strong wrists. Plus hit tool. Solid overall approach for someone his age, works counts, and isn't overly aggressive. Consistently makes solid contact to all fields. Plus strike zone judgment. Potential to produce high levels of contact as he continues to develop. Fringe-average power potential. Small-framed, but strong for his size. Solid-average arm. Fluid and smooth actions defensively. Soft hands. Former shortstop transitioned to second base as a professional. Tends to stay back on balls rather than charge. Excellent instincts and profiles as a plus defender at second base. Played some center field in high school, began seeing some game action there in May 2014.


allan said...

This lost season just got a little more interesting.

allan said...

Not a lot of games in the outfield, but with Victorino out indefinitely, and the team on a 73-win pace, why not call him up (perhaps a bit early)?

allan said...

"The Boston Red Sox are only the second defending world champions in 70 years to have three or more rookies start 40 or more games. The last team to do so, the 1998 Marlins, had little choice because ownership blew up the championship roster. And that doesn't even take into account the rookies the Sox are carrying on the pitching staff."

And this is pre-Mookie.

Tom DePlonty said...

Not a lot of games in the outfield, but with Victorino out indefinitely, and the team on a 73-win pace, why not call him up (perhaps a bit early)?

Makes sense to me. What do you suppose are the chances he actually plays tonight?

Maybe the people who are saying "blow it up, play the kids!" will be quiet now. No need to blow it up. Already playing the kids.

allan said...

Rosenthal tweets:
Betts not in lineup for #RedSox tonight against #Yankees' Tanaka. Will start in RF tomorrow; working at that spot today in early work at YS.

Maxwell Horse said...

Hm. So if Betts is playing in right, where does that leave Holt? (Kind of a pointless linear move calling up Betts if his presence in some way does not displace either Jackie Bradley or Drew, in my opinion. I mean, we're supposed to be improving the offense. That's not going to happen if Betts ends up replacing one of the few guys producing at the plate.)

allan said...

Rubby De La Rosa optioned to AAA to make room for Betts. RDLR told he'll pitch Tuesday for Pawtucket.

Tom DePlonty said...

Hm. So if Betts is playing in right, where does that leave Holt?

They'll trade Ross and AJP, and BROCK HOLT! can catch :-)

allan said...

Betts: #50.

hrstrat57 said...

Betts is a good callup.

Need to move via trade 2 or 3 starters ( I am including Dubront ) and put Ruby and Workman in rotation....need to do it now.

I would like to see youth moved into the catching slot as well.

Appears there are no big bats avail via trade to ignite this club unfortunately. Starters and veterans will have to be moved for prospects. Marlins in strong position for NL East flag hurts us.