June 3, 2016

Apostrophe Abuse - And Head-Slapping Ignorance - At WEEI

Holy shit!

Misuse of it's/its makes me grit my teeth, but some people - even journalists and editors - apparently don't know any better. But how does someone covering the Red Sox every. single. day. make this mistake?


That is fuckin' pathetic.


Dr. Jeff said...


allan said...

I would think someone would look it over before they post it.

Dr. Jeff said...

Also, shouldn't there be a comma here? " Jackie Bradley, Jr."

Dr. Jeff said...

Also, in the mid-80's apparently Phil Rizzuto continually mispronounced Mike Pagliarulo's last name. The "G" is silent, but the Scooter would pronounce it. And he was Italian!