June 5, 2016

G57: Blue Jays 5, Red Sox 4

Blue Jays - 103 001 000 - 5  4  0
Red Sox   - 000 000 013 - 4  6  0
Marco Estrada (8-2-2-3-5, 110) came within five outs of pitching a no-hitter and all four of Toronto's hits were home runs.

Jose Bautista, as the first batter in the game, went deep off Eduardo Rodriguez (5.2-4-5-3-0, 99). In the third inning, Darwin Barney hit a solo shot and Edwin Encarnacion belted a two-run dong. Russell Martin homered in the sixth. ... As far as I could figure out, the most hits for a team in a game with every hit being a home run is six, set by Cleveland on June 24, 1989.

Chris Young ruined Estrada's bid for a no-hitter when he homered with one out in the bottom of the eighth.

The Red Sox provided some unexpected excitement in the bottom of the ninth. Dustin Pedroia doubled off Estrada and the Blue Jays brought in closer Roberto Osuna. Xander Bogaerts popped to second. David Ortiz doubled home Pedroia and, after Travis Shaw struck out for the second out, Hanley Ramirez doubled in pinch-runner Rusney Castillo. Jackie Bradley singled, scoring Ramirez. Chris Young singled, putting the tying run on second and the winning run on first. Marco Hernandez pinch-hit for Christian Vazquez and got ahead in the count 3-0. Then he took a strike, fouled two pitches off, and swung and missed, ending the game.
Marco Estrada / Eduardo Rodriguez
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Ortiz, DH
Shaw, 3B
Ramirez, 1B
Bradley, CF
Young, LF
Vazquez, C
Both Blake Swihart and Ryan Hanigan left yesterday's game with injuries, and now both players have been placed on the disabled list. Swihart has a left ankle sprain and Hanigan has a neck strain. Rusney Castillo and Sandy Leon were recalled from Pawtucket. ... Also, Noe Ramirez was optioned back to AAA and Heath Hembree was recalled.


allan said...

NYDN: "Derek Jeter honors Muhammad Ali for living the life he never would"

Columnist calls Jeter "the most inauthentic athlete of our time".

Maxwell Horse said...

Sorry for the rant: The Jeter article is a reminder of how most everyone in this country sounds completely full of crap when it comes to paying tribute to people like Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King.

Everyone is championing how courageous and heroic Ali was after his death. Why? Well, because he fought for social change, was anti-war, and wasn't afraid to espouse values beyond the same mindless jingoistic sloganeering that most people repeat like parrots.

Basically, they're praising Ali for every action and opinion that, should he be espousing them today, they would crucify him for. If he (or MLK) were alive today and doing their thing, these same people would be burning them in effigy. Calling them traitors. Telling them to just shut up and dance.

The hosts on WEEI (who I estimate to be about 99% Neocon, not counting those who identify themselves as "libertarian"*), wouldn't be doing their condescending little "pat on the head" acknowledgment of what a great man MLK was the way they begrudgingly do every MLK day--basically the same way a parent praises their toddler for drawing a not particularly good stick figure with crayon. No. They'd be rolling their eyes and smirking at the stupid annoying liberal moonbat. Or they'd be screaming what a traitor he was for opposing the war. Kirk Minihane would roll his eyes at the idea that someone could be hurt by racism, and proudly trumpet how he just laughs on the odd occasion when he hears a "cracker" joke (which I'm guessing has happened to him exactly never).

O'Brien in the booth the other day did his bland, vanilla acknowledgment to Ali's passing and what a great man he was. He did this with a straight face, as did the entire NESN staff when they made their requisite acknowledgments. (I think even Tom Werner made the requisite "He was a great man" comment in an on-field interview.) And then in the very next breath they go back to promoting the same mindless pro-war jingoism they always do--it never once occurring to them what a contradiction this is.

I'm reminded of George Orwell's "double-think." When you have a society in which almost no one actually thinks nor has any personal agency, inevitably you're going to get a lot of people espousing values and opinions that are completely at odds with one another. People "know" that you're supposed to "support the troops," and if you're against war, you hate America. And so that's what they stand for. And then the next day Muhammed Ali dies, and you get the entire country "mourning" him and praising him for representing the exact viewpoints they otherwise despise.

[*Note: The WEEI version of "libertarian" apparently means that you have all Neocon beliefs, with the exception of gay marriage. You're basically okay with gay marriage, but you're pro Neocon on everything else. That makes you a "libertarian." Basically, you're a Republican, but you call yourself something else so people don't yell at you.]

allan said...

Here is a story about X's ill-advised bunt attempt.