August 7, 2016

G110: Dodgers 8, Red Sox 5

Red Sox - 100 103 000 - 5  6  3
Dodgers - 000 330 20x - 8  9  0
Andrew Benintendi went 3-for-4 and drove in the first two runs of his major league career.

David Price (5-6-6-5-3, 100) turned in yet another poor performance (though only three of the runs he allowed were earned).

David Price / Brandon McCarthy
Betts, RF
Bradley, CF
Bogaerts, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Shaw, 1B
Holt, 3B
Holaday, C
Benintendi, LF
Price, P


allan said...

Now that we know Slappy has, at most, four games left in his playing career, does Girardi give in and play him in the Red Sox series at Fenway T-W-T? (He has started only one game since July 22.)

Jere said...

Joe said that if A-Rod wants, he'll be in every game. (Which I believe is Joe's way of saying "they're making me play this asshole.")

Jim said...

At least A-Rod spared us the "farewell tour", but on second thought it might have been epic. Red Sox could bring in 'Tek and Bronson Arroyo to give him their baseball gloves, Toronto could give him his very own stripper from the Brass Rail, Texas and Seattle -- giant needles and for the grand finale at Yankee Stadium Jeter could lift up the 3rd base bag and hand it to him before turning his back and strolling out to shortstop.

allan said...

Manny Machado hit home runs in the first, second, and third innings of the Orioles' 10-2 win at U.S. Cellular Field. Machado is the second player in major-league history to homer in each of the first three innings of a game. The White Sox' Carl Reynolds connected off Hall-of-Famer Red Ruffing in the first and second innings, and then against Ken Hollaway in the third frame at Yankee Stadium in the second game of a doubleheader on July 2, 1930.

James Shields allowed eight runs while getting only four outs in the White Sox' 10-2 loss to the visiting Orioles. It was the fifth time this season that Shields has surrendered at least seven runs over the first three innings of a game; he did that in four straight starts from May 31 to June 18. The last pitcher to have five starts like that in a single season (7+ runs over the first three innings) was the Royals' Luke Hochevar in 2012. But before Hochevar, the last to do it was the Giants' Bill Carrick in 1899.