August 25, 2016

This Week's Sign Of the Apocalypse

The Chicago White Sox will be playing next season in Guaranteed Rate Field.

The White Sox and Guaranteed Rate, a national mortgage lender, have signed 13-year naming rights deal, according to the Sox. But the name could last even longer — the Sox have an option of extending the deal past 2030. ...

As for a logo for the park, Boyer said the team is working on one and that it likely won't copy that of Guaranteed Rate's, which is an arrow pointing down.


Paul Hickman said...

Allan ,

You have hit on a REAL sore spot for me - this is prevalent in Australia , Britain & seemingly everywhere. I would prefer if these "marketing mongrels" were passengers of a "kursk" style submarine !!!!!!! The sooner they are removed from society the better off we will all be. Can you imagine the backlash if they "tried" to rename Fenway or Wrigley ....... There would be blood in the streets ....... Find out these Goons names & make up an Annual award for stupidity & pointlessness in their honour ........ NUF CED

FenFan said...

Guaranteed Rate Field... it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? The naming of stadiums after corporate sponsors has never sat well with me, either. The Boston Garden, Fenway Park, and Foxboro Stadium: to me, those are names that mean Boston. Gillette Stadium? TD Garden? The latter has been renamed three times, from Shawmut Center to FleetCenter to TD Banknorth Garden to what it is now. What's the point other than to make a buck?

allan said...

Ted Rogers bought the Blue Jays and renamed their sterile dump of a park after himself. I prefer "Skydome".

(And the thing is, no one will call it by its actual name, except announcers. Fans will come up with some nickname or whatever. "G-Rate". It's great! Or it grates!)