April 8, 2017

G4: Tigers 4, Red Sox 1

Red Sox - 010 000 000 - 1  6  0
Tigers  - 001 030 00x - 4  5  0
The flu bug has extended its reach into the Red Sox broadcast booth. NESN's Dave O'Brien had to abandon the microphone in the sixth inning. Jerry Remy took over for a bit before Tom Caron called the rest of the game remotely from NESN headquarters.

Me, yesterday:
Does anyone else feel that some Boston sportswriter will take that factoid [scoring in only x of x innings] as evidence that the team's post-Papi offense is in serious trouble and that fans should - with 98.1% of the season still to be played, mind you - begin panicking?
Rob Bradford, WEEI, today:
To make a judgment about anything regarding the Red Sox following their 4-1 loss to the Tigers Saturday would be silly. ...

In four games, they have now scored in just four of their 39 innings. ...

This isn't a second-guess. Throughout the offseason, heading into spring training, it was a genuine concern that the Red Sox didn't have solutions for key elements in the lineup. ...

Once again, it's not fair to judge how good this team is after these four games ...
So, after admitting it is silly and unfair to judge the performance of the Red Sox lineup after only four games, Bradford promptly judges the performance of the Red Sox lineup after only four games.

Good stuff.

Eduardo Rodriguez / Jordan Zimmermann
Holt, DH
Pedroia, 2B
Benintendi, LF
Moreland, 1B
Sandoval, 3B
Bradley, CF
Young, RF
Hernandez, SS
Vazquez, C
Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez are still ill.


allan said...

Phillies scored 12 runs in the B1 against Washington.

Guthrie pitching.
Hernández doubled to left.
Kendrick singled to right, Hernández to third.
Kendrick stole second.
Herrera walked.
Franco hit sacrifice fly to right, Hernández scored, Kendrick to third.
Saunders singled to right, Kendrick scored, Herrera to second.
Joseph singled to center, Herrera scored, Saunders to third.
Rupp walked, Joseph to second.
Galvis hit sacrifice fly to center, Saunders scored.
Nola walked, Joseph to third, Rupp to second.
Hernández walked, Joseph scored, Rupp to third, Nola to second.
Kendrick tripled to deep right center, Rupp, Nola and Hernández scored.
Herrera reached on infield single to shortstop, Kendrick scored.
Romero relieved Guthrie.
Franco doubled to right center, Herrera scored.
Saunders doubled to deep right center, Franco scored.
Joseph singled to center, Saunders scored.
Rupp struck out swinging.
16 batters, 12 runs, 9 hits.

That's the most runs the Phillies have ever scored in the 1st inning of a game.

Phillies' 1-6 hitters in today's 12-run 1st inning: 9-9 with 10 runs scored and 11 RBI.

Jeremy Guthrie is the first pitcher to give up 10 ER on his birthday since ... Sloppy Thurston. On June 2, 1925.

Guthrie became the 1st pitcher in the live-ball era to have TWO games allowing 10+ ER in an inning or less. Also had a game in Yankee Stadium: 3 outs, 11 ER on May 25, 2015.

allan said...

Marlins pitcher Wei-Yin Chen reached base on an infield single on Friday night - his first major league hit after an 0-for-51 start at the plate.

Chen had the longest hitless streak at the start of a big league career since Jon Lester's 0-for-66 and the fourth longest for players who made their debut in 1900 or later, according to Elias (Joey Hamilton (0-for-57) and Ron Herbel (0-for-55)).

Jere said...

Can't we at least start breathing on opposing players to even the playing field a bit?