April 2, 2017

Opening Day: Red Sox Begin Season Tomorrow (Yankees Lose Today)

Although the Red Sox begin their 2017 season tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM, there were three games scheduled for today. In one of them, the Yankees lost to Tampa Bay 7-3 (Tanaka allowed 7 runs in 2.2 innings). So far, so good!

Also, if you have not yet read "Don't Let Us Win Tonight", my book about the Red Sox's historic 2004 playoff run, here are some reviews from Amazon to pique your interest:
* There are many other accounts written of this most-significant and celebrated time in baseball playoff history, but "Don't Let Us Win Tonight" has got to be the perfect-game version. Taking the reader thru all games of BOTH playoff series (Angels, Yankees) then the Series versus the Cardinals, in an almost diary-like format. We're told the significant situations in sequence, followed by key participants' recounts in their own words, in a story plot which is fascinating even though we know the final outcome.

* This was a trip back to 2004, having the foresight to carry one eagerly thru the brutal first 3 games of the ALCS to the coming redemption and triumph. Masterful writing and editing to tell, relive the story thru the eyes of the Red Sox themselves. Reading this, I was there again, this time at Fenway, instead of in front of the TV. Only 5 stars doesn't do it justice.

* The best parts was reading the comments of all the writers after game 3 of the ALCS. Fantastic memories for someone who lived through '67, '75 '78 '86 and 2003.

* The authors have recreated the 2004 postseason in a gripping and extremely readable way. Usually I get bored with descriptions of baseball games, even though I love watching baseball. But Allan Wood has used a combination of clear, precise and concise writing and a mixture of quotes from the players, managers, coaches, even batboys to bring to life what was going through the minds of the players and management as these games were unfolding. The chapter that described Game 4 of the ALCS made my heart pound - even though I knew exactly what was going to happen from watching those games 10 years ago.

* A great companion piece to the DVD collection; this book gives you so much insight into what was going on, not just on the field but also behind the scenes of that amazing ALCS and World Series. And we are gaining invaluable information about the season ending heroics from so many different sources and not just from the stars of the games. This is not only great Boston Red Sox history but great baseball history.

* By using the players' own words, it captures the tension and emotions of that historic playoff run. It's filled with fascinating detail - about the events and characters, baseball, and the psychology of sports at the highest level - but it's also a load of fun for a fan who wants to re-live the experience.

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