January 30, 2018

More On Cleveland's Non-Abandonment Of Racist Logo

A news report yesterday claimed that the Cleveland baseball team will continuing selling merchandise featuring its racist Chief Wahoo logo (even after the logo is gone from on-field uniforms) so that Major League Baseball and the team "can keep ownership of the trademark".

According to a patent lawyer who spoke to ESPN's Sarah Spain, that is not true.

Spain tweeted:
Trademark lawyer re: Indians - Because their initial trademark is so popular/known, they only have to show ongoing use every few years, not even specifically putting things on sale. Production counts - trademark is active as long as you produce even a sample & don't sell.
One commenter offered a suggestion: "[A] billboard that says, 'Yep, still offensive.'"

Team CEO Paul Dolan's statement that he is "ultimately in agreement with Commissioner [Rob] Manfred's desire" makes it pretty clear that the team is doing this only at MLB's insistence.

Or possibly to insure that the 2019 All-Star Game is played at Progressive Field as scheduled. According to Vince Grzegorek of Cleveland Scene:
A source told us last year that the elimination of Wahoo prior to the signature summer weekend of the MLB season was a condition of Cleveland being awarded the game. An MLB spokesperson told us at the time that was not true.
SB Nation's Marc Normandin sums it up: "MLB gets to look progressive, Cleveland gets to make their fans uncomfortable with the logo happier about their support of the team, and both entities will continue to make money off of racism as if nothing ever changed."


FenFan said...

What makes me shake my head more are the people who claim that it's no worse than the Boston Celtics logo, or the San Diego Padres logo, or some other random logo...

Folks, it's simple: the Cleveland logo is an offensive racial caricature that marginalizes an entire culture (Native Americans). If the owners truly want to "honor" Native Americans, then they should work with representatives from local tribes to develop a better alternative.

But, again, it comes down to money and appeasing a fan base that seems hell-bent on cutting off its nose to spite its face.

JoBethWilliams said...

Not from Cleveland, so I really do not have any say in what they do. I hope they do what I think is right. However, I always love fans of the team that was one of the last ones to have a Black ballplayer and has many racial problems lecture to people about racism. I mean, it is funny. Not to mention they also live in one of the most segregated areas in the country. I mean, the "fight against racism" is more about making white people (specifically cosmetic liberals) feel good about themselves. Even though they send their kids to white schools, live in white neighborhoods, and keep their workplaces as white as possible, they still think by posting on social media it excuses their conduct. The alcoholism & suicide rates on the Rez are in the stratosphere, but what is their cause? Sports logos!

allan said...

JoBeth: I can hold two (or more!) thoughts in my brain at the same time. I can express disgust over the Wahoo logo (this is a baseball-related blog, after all, so it makes sense that might be a topic) AND have anger or disgust or empathy at other social or political problems either "on the Rez" or anywhere in the world. I'm sorry if your brain is not as developed and you are unfamiliar with that ability. (Also, it is clear from your comment that you have never read any of my political commentary on this blog. I would suggest it's good to have a working knowledge of the thing that you are criticizing, so you do not end up looking like an idiot. ... Too late!)

allan said...

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Oh, JoBeth! You signed up to Blogger for the sole reason of appearing clueless on my blog. Thank you!!

FenFan said...

JoBeth, not being from Cleveland shouldn't stop you or others from having an opinion on the Wahoo logo. But, to Allan's point, you appear to lack the capability to realize this. My sympathies...

laura k said...

Heh, just catching up on JoS comments now. :)