April 11, 2018

G11: Yankees 10, Red Sox 7

Yankees - 401 302 000 - 10 12  0
Red Sox - 100 050 001 -  7 10  1

David Price lasted only one inning, allowing three hits and four runs, leaving the game for precautionary reasons because of "a sensation" in his left hand. He faced eight batters and threw 35 pitches (1-3-4-2-1, 35). Gary Sanchez hit two two-run home runs, one off Price and one off Heath Hembree in the fourth.

J.D. Martinez hit a grand slam in the bottom of the fifth, cutting New York's lead to 8-6, but that was as close as the Red Sox would get.

Tyler Austin showed himself to be a Grade-A Asshole by committing an illegal slide into second base in the third inning (he got away with it) and then getting pissed when he was drilled in the back by Joe Kelly in the seventh. Austin slammed his bat on the plate and charged the mound. Kelly moved out of the way and got a couple of punches in as the benches and bullpens emptied. The game was delayed about 15 minutes.

In the third, Austin slid into second with his left leg up, a move Boston manager Alex Cora believed was illegal. It appeared that Brock Holt, who took the throw at second that forced Austin, said something immediately to the Yankee DH. Austin barked at him, and the benches emptied, but nothing much happened.

Austin: "I felt like my slide into second base was a clean slide. I play the game hard. I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with that slide. I had no thought that they were going to throw at me."

Kelly: "It's a pitch that got away on a cold night. It's not like I have Greg Maddux command. We'll see what happens. I don't think I should be suspended. It wasn't a blowout game. We were still in that ballgame. We had a big rally the inning before."

Well, Austin is full of shit. His slide was not clean. And from where I sat, Kelly clearly drilled him on purpose. Both players were ejected, along with Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle and third base coach Phil Nevin (who was also acting like a tool throughout the delay).

So you slide into second in a way that is totally against the rules - and in a way that the team you are pulling your weak-ass shit against had their second baseman get seriously hurt last year in a near-identical play - and you are surprised that you get hit later on? How fucking dumb is Tyler Austin?

Also, here is a NESN replay of the Austin HBP. I swear this is a full screen shot:

Masahiro Tanaka / David Price
Betts, RF
Devers, 3B
Ramirez, DH
Martinez, LF
Moreland, 1B
Nunez, 2B
Bradley, CF
Vazquez, C
Holt, SS
After a night of futility at the plate and absorbing a 14-1 pounding last night, the Yankees return to Fenway to face David Price, who has allowed zero runs in 14 innings this season. Opponents are batting .149 (7-for-47) against Price and slugging .170. The Red Sox have their sights on their 10th consecutive win.

The Red Sox are only the third American League team in the last 15 seasons to win nine of their first 10 games. ... They are hitting .320 (32-for-100, with more walks (19) than strikeouts (16)) with RATS. ... And with RATS and two outs, Boston is hitting .314, with an OPS of 1.013.

The Red Sox and Yankees have played each other 2,195 times (2,176 regular season games and 19 postseason games) since 1903. In only nine of those games have the Red Sox scored more than 14 runs:
17 - May 28, 2005 - Red Sox 17, Yankees 1
17 - July 15, 2005 - Red Sox 17, Yankees 1
16 - August 12, 1937 (G1) - Red Sox 16, Yankees 10
16 - April 25, 2009 - Red Sox 16, Yankees 11
15 - June 20, 1912 - Red Sox 15, Yankees 8
15 - September 26, 1912 - Red Sox 15, Yankees 12
15 - August 31, 1933 - Red Sox 15, Yankees 2
15 - April 6, 1973 - Red Sox 15, Yankees 5
15 - September 1, 1990 - Red Sox 15, Yankees 1
The Red Sox have scored 14 runs against the Yankees on 17 occasions (including last night*).

(*: Message to Nick 'Fun Time Is Over' Cafardo: "See? This is fun!")

In a change of pace, here are a couple of Boston newspapers from today:


allan said...

MOOKIE! (AL ranking)
1st in average: .432
3rd in OBP: .533
2nd in slugging: .730
2nd in OPS: 1.263
1st in runs scored: 13
1st (tied) in times on base: 24
1st in offensive winning %: .930
2nd in total bases: 27
2nd in OPS+: 253
2nd in runs created: 15
3rd in extra-base hits: 7
4th in hits: 16

allan said...

David Ortiz is still contributing to Red Sox wins, by helping Mookie Betts with his swing.