April 3, 2018

NESN Cannot Get Basic Play-By-Play Information Correct

Why is it so damned hard for NESN to get the most basic baseball facts correct?

Jose Urena was the starting pitcher for the Marlins tonight against the Red Sox. His first game of the young season was on Opening Day last week, so it should be pretty easy to have the details of what he has done this year.

After Urena's first pitch of the game sailed inside to Eduardo Nunez, Jerry Remy said:
First pitch inside. That is not unusual because he throws a lot of pitches inside. As Dave mentioned, he hit three batters in a row when he faced the Cubs on Opening Day, after a leadoff home run.
First: Dave O'Brien did not mention anything about hit batters. What O'Brien said (only about one minute before Remy spoke) was: "He's 0-1 with a 11.25 ERA. He had a rough opener against the Chicago Cubs."

Second: Urena did not hit three consecutive batters. This is what happened in Urena's first inning on Opening Day:
Home Run
Groundout, first to pitcher
Groundout, second to first
Baseball-Reference is not a secret website. It is wildly popular. And it (along with ESPN, MLB, and others) has the play-by-play for every game:

There is no excuse for these kinds of errors. If NESN announcers cannot get simple stuff like this correct, you have to assume that everything they say is inaccurate.


allan said...

And as I post this, Remy says Sale is not as sharp as he usually is. So O'Brien notes that Sale has never been credited with a win against a NL East team. He says teams from the NL East give Sale "fits". Presumably this is a good reason why Sale is not sharp, because of which division the Marlins play in. ... Really! Sale is a bit off tonight because he knows his opponent was placed by the Commissioner's Office in the NL East? How can someone be so clueless (or downright stupid) and be gainfully employed to tell people intelligent things about baseball?

Of course, O'Brien used only W-L to show how poorly Sale pitches against the NL East. He's 0-4 vs the East but 6-1 against the Central/West.

Dave: Just because something is in the Red Sox's Game Notes does not mean it is important or meaningful. Please think before you speak.

Unknown said...

Give me a break. Remy said the pitcher hit three guys in a row. It was actually three guys in one inning. The point was that the pitcher was doing very poorly. Point made. Who cares about the exact details?

allan said...

Who cares about the exact details?

I do.

(How long have you been reading this blog? If you are new, then I'll let you in on a not-very-well-kept secret: I like facts and I like accuracy. I don't like it when lazy announcers can't be bothered to know what happened only five fucking days ago.)

laura k said...

Who cares about the exact details?

LOL!!!!! Imagine saying that on Joy of Sox!!!!

allan said...

"He don't know me very well, do he?" (/bugsbunnyvoice)