August 12, 2018

The Yankees Could Finish With One Of Their Top 12 Seasons Of All-Time - And The Red Sox Still Lead Them By 9.5 Games

Savin Hillbilly, SoSH, August 11:
The 2018 Yankees are on a pace for 102 wins, which would tie them with the 1936 and 1937 teams (Gehrig, DiMaggio, Dickey, etc.) for the 12th most wins in the history of the franchise.

And we're 9.5 games ahead of them.

In related news, here are the nine times a team won 100+ games but did not finish in first place:
1909 Cubs (104-49) finished second to Pirates (110-42)
1915 Tigers (100-54) finished second to Red Sox (101-50)
1942 Dodgers (104-50) finished second to Cardinals (106-48)
1954 Yankees (103-51) finished second to Cleveland (111-43)
1961 Tigers (101-61) finished second to Yankees (109-53)
1962 Dodgers (102-63) finished second to Giants (103-62)
1980 Orioles (100-62) finished second to Yankees (103-59)
1993 Giants (103-59) finished second to Atlanta (104-58)
2001 Athletics (102-60) finished second to Mariners (116-46)
Damn! This throw.

August 10: It was a strange Friday night in the minor leagues. Hayden Deal threw perhaps the first two-pitch, three-out inning and the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers won when they scored three runs on a wild pitch. ... On August 6, the Clearwater Threshers had no hits, no walks, no HBPs - and won 1-0.

Marty Dobrow takes a look back at Charlie Zink's only major league game, a wild affair that occurred 10 years ago today:
Rangers -   0 20 085 101 - 17 20  2
Red Sox - (10)02 020 14x - 19 17  2
The larger the glove, the greater the error. This misplay warranted ejection from the park.


Jere said...

re Charlie Zink article: As one of two photographers who gave Dobrow pictures of Zink's debut for his book, I'd just like to say kinda stinks that he didn't use any of mine for that article. (Unless it means I'm banned from, which would actually be the proudest moment of my life.)

allan said...

Marty Dobrow is also the author of Knocking on Heaven's Door: Six Minor Leaguers in Search of the Baseball Dream. I really enjoyed that book. He must have done a TON of research on it.