September 26, 2018

G159: Orioles 10, Red Sox 3

Orioles - 200 010 304 - 10 10  1
Red Sox - 100 110 000 -  3  6  1
I cannot get too worked up over the final score - or that Chris Sale (4.2-4-3-1-8, 92) hit two of the first four batters in the first inning - but these two pitching lines are troubling:
           IP   H   R  BB   K   BF   PIT
Barnes    0.1   4   3   1   1    6    24  (12 balls, 12 strikes)
Kimbrel   0.1   0   4   3   0    5    27  (15 balls, 12 strikes)
Top of the 9th against Craig Kimbrel:
Villar (sbfbbb) walked.
Mancini (fbc - Villar stole second) flied to RF, Villar to third.
Jones (b - Villar scored on Kimbrel wild pitch - f) hit by pitch.
Peterson (bbsfbb) walked, Jones to second.
Stewart (fbsfbbfb) walked, Jones to third, Peterson to second.
Scott relieved Kimbrel.
Only one of Kimbrel's pitches was incorrectly called - and it was in his favour, a gift called strike on Mancini. All three of Kimbrel's baserunners scored when Robby Scott gave up a ground-rule double and a single.
Jimmy Yacabonis / Chris Sale
Bradley, CF
Holt, 3B
Pearce, 1B
Devers, DH
Swihart, RF
Phillips, 2B
Vázquez, C
Travis, LF
Lin, SS
To no one's surprise, the Red Sox announced that Sale will start ALDS Game 1 at Fenway Park on October 5, a week from this Friday.


allan said...

Some good news:

MFY - 300 000 004 - 7 10 2
TBR - 301 000 04x - 8 10 0

Presented with a chance Wednesday to move closer to hosting the A’s in the AL wild-card game next week, the Yankees failed miserably on several levels for eight innings.

First, Masahiro Tanaka spit out a three-run lead in the home first and struggled through four-plus innings of a very sloppy 8-7 loss to the Rays ...

Next, Giancarlo Stanton popped out with two runners on and one out in the third and choked a serious scoring threat in the fifth when he banged into an inning-ending double play with the bases loaded.

Then, trailing by five runs in the ninth inning, the Yankees rallied for four runs and had the potential tying run on third with Miguel Andujar at the plate, but he fouled out on the first pitch to cement the loss.


Jim said...

I'd like to see some kind of "stat" that measures how effective (scary) a team is in the bottom of the ninth. Not just come-from-behind wins, since it seems to me that the Yanks manage to get awful close a lot of times, too. Not sure where to start, or even what to measure, also a lot of garbage to sift through since the actual "comebacks" are few (or are they), but still...