September 25, 2018

Umpire Tim Timmons Should See An Optometrist As Soon As Possible

Umpire Tim Timmons was behind the plate on Monday night for the Orioles/Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

He made several shockingly bad calls, including at least five of Dylan Bundy's pitches in the first three innings. All of them were in the strike zone, but Timmons called each one a "ball".

One of them came in the top of the third, when Bundy threw an inning-ending called strike three to Brock Holt, but Timmons had no clue. You could just about hear NESN's Dennis Eckersley shaking his head in disapproval as he said, "Tim, Tim, Tim ..."

Timmons's incompetence could have led to more runs for the Red Sox as Holt eventually walked. But Bundy got the next batter to foul out, so Timmons's error "only" cost Bundy an extra eight pitches.

Bundy facing J.D. Martinez, first inning, pitch #5:

Bundy to Rafael Devers, second inning, pitch #4

Bundy to Brock Holt, third inning, pitch #5:

Bundy facing Christian Vazquez, third inning, pitch #3:

Ryan Brasier facing Corban Joseph, 8th inning, pitch #1:

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