November 29, 2018

... Calgary, Sciamous, Delta, Port Hardy.

We are home.

After nine days of driving, we arrived in Port Hardy, British Columbia, on Tuesday evening (in the rain, naturally). Four local guys unloaded the U-Haul yesterday morning and we have begun unpacking. ... And are now connected to the rest of the world![Travelogue here.]


johngoldfine said...

I know you guys are chuffed--but what about Diego? Happy boy?

allan said...

He is great. He had a bit of a down day on Day 3 but was perky and ready to drive on Day 4. He was great in the hotel rooms and his crate when we went to dinner/breakfast. He was zooming around the soggy yard yesterday and was very happy to meet the moving guys and the Telus internet guy.

allan said...

We look forward to bringing him down to the waterfront parks and the beaches. I drove around the town a bit yesterday and saw lots of people with lots of dogs.