November 15, 2018

Landslide! Mookie Betts Is AL's 2018 Most Valuable Player

Led MLB in batting average: .346.
The only batting champion in MLB history to hit 30+ home runs and steal 30+ bases.
Led MLB in slugging percentage: .640.
First Red Sox player to lead MLB in both average and slugging since Ted Williams (.388/.731 in 1957).
Led MLB in runs scored: 129 (tied with Lindor).

Led MLB in Wins Above Replacement (FanGraphs): 10.4.

Led MLB in Wins Above Replacement (Baseball Reference): 10.9.
Highest WAR by a position player since 2002 (Barry Bonds, 11.8).
Third-highest WAR by a position player in Red Sox history, behind Carl Yastrzemski (12.5 in 1967) and Ted Williams (10.9 in 1946).
Fifth-highest WAR by a position player before turning 26, trailing Babe Ruth (1920), Lou Gehrig (1927), and Mickey Mantle (1956, 1957).
Led MLB in Runs Created: 156.

2nd in MLB in total bases: 84 (Story: 85).

2nd in MLB in on-base percentage: .438 (Trout: .460).

2nd in MLB in OPS: 1.078 (Trout: 1.088).

Tied for 3rd in MLB in doubles: 47 (Bregman 51, Escobar 48).

Won third consecutive Gold Glove Award.

Betts collected 28 of the 30 first-place votes. Two writers placed him second: Dave Campbell of the Associated Press (J.D. Martinez first, Mike Trout fourth) and Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Trout first, JDM fifth). ... All ballots can be seen here.

The Big Question: Will NESN spell his name correctly?

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Michael said...

Oh, he's special. I hope we can lock him up for a long time.