December 6, 2018

Yankees Stiff Support Staff, Assistant Hitting Coach, Analytics Liaison To The Coaching Staff, Trainers, Clubhouse Attendants, BP Pitchers, Etc. On Postseason Shares

Daily News:
It was widely speculated that David Robertson led an effort to stiff a bunch of Yankee employees.

Now we have the receipts.

The Bronx Bombers turned greedy with their postseason shares, a percentage of playoff ticket sales that are pooled and dispersed to all 10 teams, issuing the least amount of full shares out of any playoff team, according to an MLB press release.

Robertson, now a free agent, served as the club's player rep and was responsible for chairing ... what one source described as a contentious meeting.

The Yankees players' pool came out to $2.866 million, with the value of full shares equaling just over $43,000. The team issued 45 full shares, along with 21.47 partial shares and two cash awards.

Traditionally, full shares are given to all 25 players on the Opening Day roster, the manager and regular coaching staff. Players on the 60-day DL, such as Jacoby Ellsbury, who did not play a single game in 2018, also received a full share. ...

Trainers aren't guaranteed postseason shares, though it's customary for players to give them a healthy piece of the pot as opposed to what these Yankees pulled this time around.

In years past, folks like the team trainer and traveling secretary, for example, received full shares.
Bill Madden, Daily News:
[David] Robertson, who chaired the shares meeting as the Yankee player rep, was the front man for what appears to be a shameful greed on behalf of the other players. It was reported that assistant hitting coach P.J. Pilittere was voted only a half share and the analytics liaison with the coaching staff [Zac Fieroh], who traveled with the team all season, got nothing. According to sources, Robertson and his co-conspirators cut a wide swath through the entire Yankee support staff, stiffing trainers, clubhouse attendants, BP pitchers and the like. In addition, they also attempted to have the media's pre-game clubhouse access in Boston cut off in a September game because of the cramped conditions in Fenway Park.

Side Point: Why couldn't the creator of this chart line up the monetary amounts on the decimal points? The only reasons I can think of are incompetence or laziness. (I do this kind of thing in my job. It's not difficult.)

Speaking of lazy, MFY manager Aaron Boone said this recently about Manny "Last-Out-Of-The-Red-Sox-World-Series-Clinching-Game-Maker" Machado:
You hope all players all the time run things out, play hard or give it their all. But [it's] not necessarily the No. 1 thing I look at when I am defining whether a player is giving his all or is a gamer. ... There is an expectation that we have ... a certain way you go about things, and running balls out can certainly play into that. Frankly, it is a little bit down the list as far as what I define what makes a player.

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FenFan said...

The MLB minimum salary last season was $545K, which is over 12 times the value of a full share for each MFY player (and Robertson pocketed $13M is 2018). You are stiffing staff members who probably don't even sniff that league minimum, let alone a quarter of that. That's just wrong.