March 20, 2019

The Globe's 2019 Predictions

The Boston Globe's six baseball writers offer their predictions for 2019.

Two of the four writers who have the Red Sox in the ALCS also picked them to repeat as World Series champions. Only one of the six picked the Yankees to make it as far as the ALCS.
                      ALE  ALC  ALW  NLE  NLC  NLW  ALWC     NLWC     ALCS          NLCS          World Series
Alex Speier           BOS  CLE  HOU  WAS  CGI  LAD  NYY/TBR  NYM/SDP  CLE def. NYY  WAS def. LAD  Nationals
Peter Abraham         NYY  MIN  HOU  WAS  CHI  LAD  BOS/CLE  STL/PHI  BOS def. HOU  CHI def. PHI  Red Sox
Chad Finn             BOS  MIN  HOU  PHI  CHI  LAD  NYY/TBR  ATL/SDP  BOS def. HOU  CHI def. PHI  Red Sox
Tara Sullivan         BOS  CLE  HOU  WAS  CHI  LAD  NYY/OAK  NYM/SFG  HOU def. BOS  LAD def. CHI  Dodgers
Christopher L. Gasper NYY  CLE  HOU  NYM  CHI  LAD  BOS/MIN  WAS/MIL  CLE def. HOU  LAD def. CHI  Cleveland
Dan Shaughnessy       NYY  CLE  HOU  PHI  CHI  LAD  BOS/OAK  STL/SFG  HOU def. BOS  CHI def. LAD  Astros
Shaughnessy should have his face on a stamp, because he continues to mail it in. For the (approximately) 266th time since 2004, CHB asks: "What Happened To The Bad Old Days Of The Red Sox?" (no link; "sorry") ... The only people in New England who even remotely give a shit are Shaughnessy and a gaggle of Yankee fans.

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