March 13, 2019

What's Up With "The Mookie Snarl"?

Chad Jennings (The Athletic) talks to various Red Sox players about the Mookie Snarl.

Jennings writes that "if you watched his debut season with the Red Sox, you might have noticed it before Mookie himself ever did. ... [I]n moments of concentration, determination or occasionally celebration, Betts' upper lip will curl on the left side."

Nobody ever really said anything about it until, I think, 2014 when I got called up. I got some texts from my fam that was watching the game saying I snarled. That's when I became aware of it. ... If you told me to do it, I don't know how to do it. It just kind of happens. ... I'm assuming I've done it for a long time. I'm not aware of it, though. I guess it's like a concentration face? ... I didn't realize people paid that much attention to that kind of thing.
Brock Holt: "We've all tried to imitate it. But none of us can do it, so it's his deal."

Kynlee Betts, Mookie's daughter, seemed to be doing it when she was only one day old.

David Price:
I used to feel like every time I looked at Mookie, he was doing that. ... My wife said the same thing. And my wife's mom, the first time she saw Mookie, she was like, "Is his lip stuck? What's going on?"
Also: Knox Kelly (three-year-old son of former Red Sox and current Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly) was asked what his favourite team was. ... It's "Mookie Betts".

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