February 7, 2020

Details of Mookie Mega-Trade Still Being Ironed Out

Reports are that the Red Sox want a second top prospect in addition to Brusdar Graterol, but Dodgers president Andrew Friedman appears highly allergic to parting with any of LA's prospects. (Graterol came from the Twins.)

But who really knows what the hell is going on? SoSHer SoFloSoxFan has the only really honest observation on this whole mess:
I don't have any idea how these machinations are playing out. But I have an opinion and feel very strongly about it!
Elsewhere, it looks like bench coach Ron Roenicke will be named as 2020 manager, pending the results of MLB's investigation into the 2018 cheating allegations. (Ken Rosenthal says the Red Sox interviewed John Gibbons earlier this week. Jesus, I hope that was simply part of some box-checking exercise about considering the mentally deficient.)

And just in time for spring camps to open . . . A roving band of feral, herpes-ridden monkeys is roaming across northeast Florida.

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Unknown said...

Skip the twins. Take Kenda Maeta and Aj Pollock & contract in leiu of $$ for David's contract. Keep verdigo in the deal.kenda will preform equal to price over the next 4 years at 10% of the cost. Pollock will be better than giving 1/2 of prices salary away and provide backup if verdigos back acts up. A way to salvage this poor trade. Six need to do a better job of acting timely with succession planning. The writing for this issue was plain to see two years ago and should have been delt with then by dumbbrowski.