February 14, 2020

Dustin Pedroia Will Not Be In Spring Training Camp Next Week

Dustin Pedroia, who suffered "a significant setback" in January after having knee surgery last year, will not report to spring training with the other position players next Monday.

A recent tweet by Peter Abraham of the Globe made it sound as though Pedroia would not be in Fort Myers at all this spring (which, sadly, seems like a strong possibility).
Checked around on Dustin Pedroia. Told it was unlikely he would be in spring training with the #RedSox because of the setback with his left knee last month.
Pedroia has played in only nine games over the last two seasons (three in 2018 and six in 2019), with three hits in 34 plate appearances.

Last August, Pedroia underwent "left knee joint preservation surgery", which is an alternative to knee replacement. The less-invasive procedure was chosen in the hopes that Pedroia could return to baseball (something he was "not sure" about even three months before the surgery), but that goal seems further and further away with each announcement.

September 1, 2007: The play that gave Pedroia the nickname "Fuck yeah":

From FY's Born to Play: My Life in the Game:
I'll never forget that play, for a lot of reasons. One was that when I was coming out for the top of the [seventh] inning, I'd put a humongous load of sunflower seeds in my mouth, and now I was standing out at my position thinking, Fuck, I just put an entire bag of sunflower seeds in my mouth. It was a little hard to breathe. And besides that, I had to pee.

So really, I was hoping it would be a quick inning. Miguel Tejada was up [leading off], and I was just thinking, Whatever happens here, if the ball comes my way I just hope I don't either choke on my sunflower seeds or pee my pants. That was pretty much the whole thing on my mind the whole inning.

Sure enough, Tejada hit a chopper, bounding over Clay and heading right up the middle. I went after it, and I swear if you look closely at the replay, you can see the sunflower seeds just spraying out of my mouth. I mean, they were just flying everywhere.

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