April 20, 2021

Math-Challenged Idiot (Chuck Grassley (Republican, Of Course)) Claims Relocated All-Star Game Cost State Of Georgia (Population 10.6 Million) "100 Million Jobs"

In 2019, Georgia's population was 10.62 million.

Each of the state's residents – from 97-year-old senior citizens to three-week-old infants – just lost 10 jobs each (for one game!), when MLB "cancelled" the 2021 All-Star Game.

In 2020, there were roughly 160.7 million jobs in the United States. Which means, in Grassley's addled mind, one single baseball game in July* is responsible for 62.2% of all employment in the country.

(*: Atlanta's stadium (which was funded by taxpayers who will share in 0% of the profits and will actually have to pay additional money to even get into the facility) will now host only 82 games this year instead of the robust number of 83.)

Thanks, Obama Manfred. . . . This wouldn't have happened if Donald Trump was still alive.

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