June 12, 2021

Jacob deGrom: 0.56 ERA, More RBI (5) Than Earned Runs Allowed (4), .400 Batting Average

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom has a 0.56 ERA, the lowest in major league history through 10 starts, since earned runs became an official statistic in 1913.

The chart above is after 10 "appearances". After his 10th start in 1914, Dutch Leonard's ERA was 0.85 (he had made three relief appearances along the way). The highest Leonard's ERA got that year was 1.01 after a one-inning start (three earned runs) on July 25. deGrom's ERA has not yet risen above 0.80.

I understand including Gooden because of the Mets connection, but Pedro Martinez's 2000 season could have been included. He had a 1.05 ERA through 10 starts and finished at 1.74.

Last night, deGrom allowed one hit to the Padres over six shutout innings and struck out 10, becoming the fastest pitcher to strikeout 100 batters in a season in major league history. He currently has 103 in 64 innings.

He also hit a two-run single off Blake Snell in the fifth inning, giving the Mets a 3-0 lead (they won 3-2). deGrom is the first pitcher in Mets history to allow one hit, strike out 10, and also have two RBI in a game.

In fact, deGrom now has more RBIs (5) this season than earned runs allowed (4), something no pitcher has ever done across any 10-start stretch since 1920 (when RBI became an official stat).

Last night's start was also deGrom's ninth game with 10+ strikeouts and no walks, one behind Tom Seaver, the Mets' all-time leader. (Noah Syndergaard has eight.)

Oh, and deGrom is also batting .400 (10-for-25). He's had at least one hit in eight of his 10 starts and his OPS+ is 137, which is identical to Rafael Devers's OPS+.

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