July 10, 2021

"You Have To Baby Them, Pat Them On The Back, Almost Apologize When You Criticize Them."

I don't think ballplayers today could play for a man like [former manager George] Stallings. They can't stand to be told things directly today when they do something wrong, and when they do something right you have to praise them. You have to baby them, pat them on the back, almost apologize when you criticize them. You have to be just so careful with them and not mishandle them, or their feelings will be hurt, and they'll say you don't like them, or that you're holding something against them. If some of the players today, and this goes for umpires today, too, had to listen to some of the things I've been called, they'd hve a fit.

Jocko Conlan, from Jocko, by Jocko Conlan and Robert Creamer (1967)

John Bertrand "Jocko" Conlan (1899-1989) was an outfielder with the White Sox for two seasons (1934-35) before working as an umpire in the National League from 1941-65. Conlan is a member of the Hall of Fame (Veterans Committee, 1974).

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