January 9, 2005

A Slow Sunday. Joel Sherman of the Post compares the Red Sox and Yankees rotations:
Red Sox    Yankees    Edge

Schilling Johnson ---
Wells Mussina Mussina
Clement Pavano Pavano
Miller Wright Wright
Arroyo Brown Arroyo
If everyone is healthy, I would say Johnson tops Schilling, but Clement and Wells are both better than Pavano and Mussina. I'll agree with him on Wright and Arroyo.

Dirt Dog has comments from everyone involved in Ballgate (Josh Beckett says keep it). He also says Derek Lowe has inked a deal with the Dodgers.

Following a report in the Houston Chronicle, ESPN reports that Carlos Beltran has signed a 7/119 deal with the New York Mets. Houston offered 7/108, which was fine with Beltran, but the Astros would not give him a full no-trade clause.

My ticket for Game #2 (Yankees, April 5) arrived yesterday. Hurry up, spring!

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