January 5, 2005

Standing With Conyers. Tomorrow, January 6, Representative John Conyers will object to Ohio's presidential vote count. However, he will not be allowed to speak unless at least one other member of the Senate agrees to let him have the floor. And that act would force a debate and investigation about what happened in Ohio (and at this point, to think the 2004 elections were fair and correct, can only be ignorance, whether willful or otherwise).

As fellow Red Sox fan William Pitt writes:
In a perfect world, all 100 Senators would stand up because of one simple fact: They are where they are because of the vote, and if they do not protect that vote, it may be them looking at the short end of the stick come some future election day. All 100 should stand, but it only takes one. It only takes one to move us closer to that more perfect union, where every vote counts and every vote is counted, where the citizenry can trust that the people leading them were properly chosen, where partisans acting in the dark of night to thwart that simple, admirable goal are exposed and purged from our system.
It couldn't be more simple: If we don't have fair elections -- if Democrats or Republicans are able to suppress votes and rig voting machines -- what makes this a democracy? ... So take one minute and tell your senators to stand up for honest elections.

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